Thursday, August 22, 2013

My name is Taylor Hagan. This is the first blog I have ever made, and it is for a web design class I am taking. I will be posting things about my life and family on here

Cell Phones (electronics in general)

Cell phones have become a lot more popular over time. I have a cell phone and I have to take it everywhere with me just because I feel weird without it, even if I don't use it wherever I'm taking it. I guess my phone is like my safety. I have had a lot of phones, right now I have the Apple Iphone 5, and I really like it. People say androids are better, but I'm so used to the way Iphones are set up I don't know if I could ever figure out how to use another phone. Iphones are becoming pretty popular, some people say they hate them and they glitch up but I love mine. I also have an Apple Ipad, and I like that too. None of my Apple products ever glitch up, so I'm not sure if they do or not. All of my friends have Iphones, and they like theirs too.  If they ever come out with an Iphon 5s or 6, I would want it!